Skills Maintenance (Proficiencies)

Skills Maintenance (ProficiencY)

General Information


A skills maintenance/proficiency is the theoretical and practical assessment of your skills to determine whether you are still fit to patrol. Most certificates have an annual proficiency, with their completion required before the 31 st December.


Theoretical proficiencies are performed online via SLSA etrainu where you are required to complete several modules and a theory assessment. This must be complete prior to attending the practical session.


Practical proficiencies are held on determined dates at your surf club by accredited assessors and endorsed delegate officers. BHBSLSC provides the following practical skills maintenance;


Surf Rescue Certificate: Demonstration of the primary survey (resuscitation), an unaided run swim run of 100m legs in <5 minutes, one rescue using a tube.


Bronze Medallion: Demonstration of the primary survey (resuscitation), an unaided run swim run of 200m legs in <8 minutes, one rescue using a tube.


Inflatable Rescue Crewman: Demonstrate effective and safe crewing practices; parallel running, figure 8’s, signals, surf negotiation, patient rescue, patient carries.


Silver Medallion Inflatable Rescue Driver: Demonstrate effective and safe driving practices; parallel running, figure 8’s, signals, surf negotiation, patient rescue, patient carries.


Advanced Resuscitation Techniques: Team scenario of resuscitation using an AED and oxygen supplement, correct knowledge and use of oropharyngeal airways.




Practical component: Saturday the 5th December 9am-12pm and Sunday the 6th December 10am-12pm


If you are unavailable to make either of these days we have an alternative option where you will complete your proficiency with Penguin Surf Life Saving Club. 


Online Theory


Before you attend one of our proficiency days, you must complete your online component. Please be aware that this process has changed - to simplify the process - since last season and you will no longer be using the ‘LSV Member Training from Anywhere’.

  • Login to your ‘SLS Members Area’ and select ‘eLearning’.

  • Click 'login to eLearning’. You will then be redirected to the ‘Surf Life Saving eLearning System’.

  • Click ‘My Training’ and find the ‘Skills Maintenance 2020/21 Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate Theory’.

  • Select ‘view’, then ‘start course’. Complete all modules and the theory assessment.




Available at our Surf Club: Surf Rescue Certificate, Bronze Medallion, Inflatable Rescue Crewman Certificate, Silver Medallion Inflatable Rescue Driver, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques.

15th November 2020: SRC and BM Proficiency for Nippers Water Safety

5th December 2020: SRC and BM Proficiency for Patrol Members

6th December 2020: BM, ART and IRB Proficiency for Patrol Members

Due to COVID-19, you have been allocated groups and certain times so we can track numbers and cleaning.




  • If you currently hold your certificate in Spinal Management, this is no longer a certified certificate in Tasmania. If you wish, you can investigate gaining your Advanced First Aid Certificate which covers the practice of spinal management.

  • To maintain proficiency in Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management, you must maintain your proficiency of Bronze Medallion and your respective additional certificate.

  • If you hold a First Aid certificate, please make sure you attend an update course every 3 years (currently not held through our Surf Club) and perform a CPR proficiency annually.