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Revision Videos

Revision Videos

On this page you will be able to find videos that our 19-20 Operations Team has worked very hard on for our patrol members benefit. We are aware that having 8 months off of patrol is a long time to not think about it. The purpose of these videos are to allow you to feel and be more prepared for your proficiencies and on patrol. We hope these videos help you.

The topics covered in the following videos include IRB, radio operations, water rescue, resuscitation, emergency care, and spinal management. Please stay tuned for our future videos!

These videos are not on all aspects of the above topics. We chose these areas to focus on as they are either not practised often, we see as a weak point for many members, or maintenance issues have arose from improper use.

If you have any ideas on an area you think should be available in video form, please contact Sarah (0477043765)

These videos will also be the basis of our scenario workshops we are planning!


Inflatable Rescue Boat Revision Videos - 

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