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BHBSLSC is an Incorporated association which means we are viewed as a single entity in much the same way as a company is. To ensure that as a large group we can actually make effective and timely decisions, the membership elects a Board of Directors at AGM.


The membership also, from time to time, approves a Constitution which sets the rules by which the Board may operate. The constitution of the BHBSLSC is available here.


The Board consists of five directors, the chair is the club president (as is the case for general meetings also). Under the constitution, the five directors are allocated portfolios:

  • President (Annie)

  • Director x 4


The board meets monthly during the high season, but is a little more relaxed in the off-season. Motions (a draft decision) are raised to deal with specific issues, the Board then votes on them via majority logic. If approved, they become resolutions, which may in turn create specific tasking.


The President also conducts day to day management of the club via the organisational structure below:











The team leaders also have a standing invitation to the Board meetings to advise on issues under consideration, report status, present plans and seek resourcing. To ensure appropriate succession planning, team leaders are selected by the board on an annual basis, prior to the AGM.

The nominations for both leadership and Director positions are initiated after the season is completed. If any member of the club has interest, time or skills that would assist the team leaders in the discharge of their duties, please contact them directly.

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