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There is a place for everyone at Boat Harbour Beach regardless of surf skills. Some of us started in Nippers; some as parents of Nippers providing water safety; some entered the Bronze program as adults; and some just wish to give a little back to the community. Whatever your motivation or capacity, we would be pleased to have you aboard.


Boat Harbour is a brilliant beach for young Nippers; who can then progress onto surf sports and first aid skills; both of which culminate in patrol and emergency response duties. We also seek to provide leadership opportunities which all coalesce to give our young members a huge advantage against their peers as they leave school and become young adults. 


Membership of Boat Harbour Beach Surf Lifesaving Club also means you become a member of Surf Life Saving Australia.




Age is of midnight 30 September

Active age 5 -18 $90
Active age 18+ $120
Associate (Junior parent etc.) $55

Community (gym) $120

Social $20

Family of three or more $250

Applying for the first time?
Apply here through Surf Life Saving Australia

Renewing an existing membership?
Click below to access the members portal

For extra assistance, please contact our Registrar, Vanessa Fairbrother, at





For club leaders: Directors, Team leaders, Patrol captains and Age coaches.


For those holding a current card please scan and forward to Vanessa.


For those who need to renew or obtain an initial clearance, a guide is provided here. In summary, you will need to fill out the on-line form, take it into Service Tasmania, pay the volunteer fee ($18), and then once the card has arrived, scan and forward to Vanessa.

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