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Patrol information and Roster

Patrol information & Roster


Our patrol roster is created into segments; December, January/February roster and a February/March roster. It outlines what patrol team you are on, your main role within that team, and the dates/times your team is rostered for.  The hours of patrol have changed this season - please refer to below link for new hours for this season.

For every roster you need to email the Operations Manager with the responses to the following questions;

  • Will you patrol?

  • What dates can you patrol?

  • Are there any awards you have you no longer with to use?

  • Who would you like to be rostered with?


If you wish to register interest for our additional un-rostered events that require Water Safety (e.g. School Picnics, Carnivals, Ocean Swim etc.), contact the Operations Manager.

December 23 Patrol Roster
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