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Patrol information

Patrol Information

Boat Harbour Beach Surf Life Saving Club is a volunteer organisation run by members who are dedicated to community safety in the aquatic environment.


Patrol Proud
Since 1985, the surf club has continually patrolled our beach for the benefit of the general public. Patrolling is an excellent way to meet new people while enhancing your lifesaving skills and providing a service to the community.


Patrolling our Beach
Boat Harbour Beach is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches on the North West of Tasmania.  Patrols are conducted by the terms of our Lifesaving Service Agreement with Surf Life Saving Tasmania. We must adhere to our requirements to allow our Surf Club to participate in other Surf Life Saving events such as the State Carnivals.

Rescue Equipment
Our patrol members use a wide variety of equipment including Rescue Tubes, Rescue Boards, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Inflatable Rescue Boats (IRB). This range allows for the performance of rescues across the dynamic environment at the beach. 


Become a Patrol Member
If you would like to become a Surf Life Saver at our Club and make a positive difference, please visit our Membership section for information on how to join and our Education section for the courses available.


Patrol Basics

  • You must be a financial member of the Club

  • You need to be proficient by the 31st December to Patrol

  • Patrol hours are Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays from December through to March

  • Patrol is 12 noon – 4 pm for our traditional patrol with a minimum patrol on Sunday from 10 am to 12 noon.

  • See the Patrol Roster for when you are scheduled for duty

  • If you are unable to perform a patrol, it is your responsibility to organise a substitute and notify your Patrol Captain. Substitutes must hold the same award or higher as you.

  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to start time to help setting up your Patrol. When you arrive at the beach, report to you Patrol Captain for sign-in and brief

  • At all times on patrol it is required to wear your full Patrol Uniform. This will be provided to you by the club. If you do not have one or certain items of it, please contact the Operations Manager.

  • Be vigilant at all times on patrol, adverse events can happen very quickly

  • Notify your Patrol Captain if you wish to enter the water, leave the beach or go on a roving patrol

  • After patrol, ensure all equipment is cleaned and stored, and report to your Patrol Captain for the debrief

  • Christmas Day Patrol is not rostered. We rely on volunteers for this day, as well as Water Safety for our Nipper Program, School Picnics, Carnivals and other Club events (e.g. Kirk Dicker Challenge or Ocean Swim)​


Standard Operating Procedures
This book is also known as the Patrol Manual. It outlines policies, procedures and guidelines to assist lifesaving services in the management and delivery of Surf Life Saving operations. Available here.

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